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Online Japanese Dictionaries and Glossaries

(Under construction, but then it probably will always be.)

This page is a collection of annotated links to online Japanese dictionaries. Please send me (Jim Breen) details of any other dictionaries to include, or of corrections to the information here.

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Servers using EDICT, JMdict, etc.

These servers use files from the EDICT/JMdict, KANJIDIC, etc. projects, plus others in the same format.

  • WWWJDIC. Has many dictionary files: General (EDICT), Kanji, General (EDICT), Kanji, Computing/Telecoms, Place/Person names, Life Sciences, Law, Finance/Marketing, Miscellaneous, Engineering/Science, Buddhism, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, plus text glossing, verb tables, kanji stroke-order diagrams, example sentences, etc. etc. Total lexicon size about 800,000 entries. Several mirror servers around the world. JE EJ (German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Swedish and some Russian too.)
  • Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary Server. Developed by Jeffrey Friedl, now maintained by William Maton. Has most of the files used by WWWJDIC and has other options such as romanized output and a lookup technique that allows for common misspellings. The master site is now in Canada, and there are mirrors in the USA and Sweden. JE EJ
  • JEDI. (Japanese-English Dictionary Interface) at Kyoto Notre Dame University. Also has an option for romanized output. (This popular server has now closed down.) JE EJ
  • DIKU A very simple dictionary server written by a former JEDI user. Has romaji output as well as kana. JE EJ
  • jTango Another straightforward server. Has extras like stroke-order diagrams for kanji. JE EJ
  • Grzegorz Bober's Tangorin dictionary server. Uses JMdict, ENAMDICT, etc. as well as the Tanaka Corpus. Allows for building word-lists, search history, etc. JE EJ
  • Denshi Jisho is an attractive site with many features. The Ajax-style multi-radical lookup is impressive. JE EJ
  • Pacific Software Publishing's Bi-Directional English Japanese Dictionary (uses a very old copy of EDICT.) JE EJ <!-- #h JE --><!-- #h EJ -->
  • FOKS (Forgiving Online Kanji Search) is an online dictionary (EDICT, etc.) which compensates for spelling errors, incorrect guesses of a kanji's reading, etc. Well worth exploring. JE EJ
  • the Tokyoahead site has a form of kanji dictionary which allows kanji selection and generates a wordlist. JE
  • the FreeDict EJ/JE dictionary. (I do not like this one. It uses a romanized version of EDICT, and presents a small number of entries in a misleading order.) JE EJ
  • AnimeLab. Uses the EDICT, ENAMDICT, etc. files, and has some interesting search options. JE EJ
  • NihongoResources. Uses EDICT and KANJIDIC. Has some useful wildcard search facilities. JE EJ
  • The Japanese dictionary at Online-Dictionary.biz covers 7 modern languages including as Japanese. Uses a Javascript romaji-kana system (no native Japanese input yet), and also uses the WaDokuJT file to produce German glosses. Has the same examples as WWWJDIC. JE EJ
  • Spencer's EDICT and KANJIDIC server. JE EJ
  • The Heartful server at Toyohashi University of Technology does a crude EJ lookup. EJ
  • The JapanOD server, which has a very novel interface. Has mobile phone options, etc. JE EJ
  • NihongoDict, which does a quite basic service using romaji. JE EJ

Other Servers (Free)


  • Thesaurus. Very extensive coverage, including synonyms, related words, etc. JJ

General Dictionaries (Japanese-English)

  • GOO. One of the best servers available is that at the Goo site (Goo is an information project sponsored by NTT in Japan.) This server has four Sanseido dictionaries available: the big Daijirin kokugo (i.e. Japanese-Japanese) dictionary, the Exceed EJ and JE dictionaries, and the Daily Shingo (new word) dictionary. The server has all the instructions, etc. in Japanese. A very useful resource indeed. JJ JE EJ
  • Asahi. Almost identical service to the Goo server (above). (The server appears to be on a Sanseido system.) JJ JE EJ
  • Yahoo. Another good collection of online dictionaries (uses Shogakkan). JJ JE EJ
  • LiveDoor. A similar set of Shogakkan dictionaries. JJ JE EJ
  • Excite. Another service using commercial dictionaries. This also uses the Daijirin kokugo, and the Kenkyusha Chuujiten JE and EJ. JJ JE EJ
  • Eijiro. (aka ALC) Another useful resource with a vast list of Japanese words and phrases with their English translations. It can also be bought as a book and CDROM. (Some care should be taken with this resource, as the English translations can be quite quirky, and at times plain wrong.) JE EJ
  • Glova. A very large word collection, from a translation company. JE EJ
  • Kokken's jiWORDS (Japanese info on Words) server uses the Sanseido dictionery, and does all the Japanese text with bitmaps (quite unnecessarily in my humble opinion.) JJ JE EJ
  • Babylon. Among its many dictionaries, Babylon has an online E-J lookup service and a rather crude index system for J-E. Dictionary size is reasonable. EJ
  • jeKai Search. The jeKai project (see below) has a good search engine, but since it has limited material available, it may be better to use their index. JE
  • Words/Examples. A fairly basic JE dictionary, but with usage examples drawn from parallel corpora. (The front page says it has over 300,000 words, but I suspect there are fewer actual headwords than that.) (Site currently not operating)
  • Unicode Characters. A fairly simple lookup of the big Unihan text file via the meaning of the kanji/hanzi or the Chinese, Japanese or Korean readings.

General Dictionaries (Japanese-Other Language)

Subject-specific Dictionaries

  • The RNN (Rapid News Network) page has a set of JE/EJ wordlists that are searchable. Topics covered include: business/economics, international affairs politics, technology, culture and sport and society.
  • Automotive. A good searchable glossary. (Sorry. This seems to have been shut down while the owners try to sell a hard copy version.) JE EJ
  • Automotive. Seems a comprehensive glossary. Explanations in Japanese only. JJ
  • Biomedical. (Also here and here). Online versions of the major Life Science Dictionary Project at the University of Kyoto. (The dictionary is also available on the WWWJDIC and Jeffrey's server.) JE EJ
  • Botanical. Extensive collection of articles (with images) of plants. JJ
  • Business. Based on Kiyoto Hinata's dictionary of business terms (published by ALC). JE EJ
  • Communications/Networking. Based on Nikkei's 1999 Handbook. (Coverage is a bit limited, and the two-stage return of results is clumsy.) JJ
  • Computing/Telecomms. Very comprehensive wordlist, both searchable and also indexed by category, letter and kana. Brief English only. JJ JE EJ
  • Computing. Both searchable and indexed. Seems to be mainly explanations of terms from Macintosh and Windows glossary files. JJ
  • Chemicals. A combination of lookup and lists indexed on first letter/kana. A very comprehensive collection, mainly useful for transliteration of names between Japanese and English. JJ JE EJ
  • Chemicals. An online collection of chemical name lists. JJ JE
  • Chemical names. The National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), Japan operates this useful server and list of chemical names, with associated information. JE EJ
  • Chemistry. This page converts chemical names into Japanese. (It is not actually a server, as the conversion is done by a large Javascript program loaded down into the browser.) EJ
  • Chemical trivial names. Provides links to explanatory texts. There is also a non-searchable page. JJ
  • http://zokugo-dict.com/ Colloquialisms An excellent dictionary of Japanese colloquial language. JJ
  • Economics/Politics. The RNN (Rapid News Network) page has a small searchable dictionary of business/economics/politics/government terms. (All the words are in EDICT). JE EJ <!-- #h JE -->
  • Medical. The Japanese-English Dictionary Online: Medicine has both a searchable dictionary, and links to a large number of glossaries and other information pages. JE EJ
  • Medical. The Japanese Association for Acute Medicine dictionary (EJ also) Good set of entries. No readings. JE EJ
  • Medical. Another medical glossary, with kana and alphabetic indices. No readings.
  • Medical. A Medical English Dictionary Service. Good coverage. No kana with the Japanese. JE EJ
  • Military. Large searchable collection. No readings. Mirror site here. JJ
  • Office Jargon. Interesting server based on the book "Otonago no Nazu". There is also a

    word-list. JJ

  • Petroleum & Natural Gas. A huge glossary, indexed on Japanese and English words, with explanations in Japanese. JE EJ JJ
  • Place names. The Yuujirou server using the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) database of locations and postal codes. You can paste in a complete address, and it will be parsed and the correct readings of the names returned. (The same database is the source of the j_places file used by WWWJDIC.) JJ
  • Science/Technology This server at NII has a large number of scientific, etc. terms, which can be searched together or by category. JE EJ

Commercial Servers

These servers are at for-subscription sites.

  • Sanseido. Over a dozen monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. Interface in Japanese. (The "Daily Concise" JE/EJ/Kokugo are free; the rest are by subscription). JJ JE EJ
  • JapanKnowledge. A large selection of reference works, including dictionaries, a Japanese encyclopedia, and the English-language Encyclopedia of Japan. Interface in Japanese. JJ JE EJ
  • Kenkyusha. Several large Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionaries, including the new 5th edition of the Green Goddess. Interface in Japanese. Approx. Y500/mo for individuals. JJ JE EJ
  • eHonyaku. Formerly Nova, this site allows searches on a range of subject specific glossary files. A very useful resource which used to be free. JE EJ

Dictionary Files

These are WWW-based word-lists without any specific server lookup capabilities, although a number have indices using the first letter or kana.


  • jeKai. A short, but valuable resource is the jeKai project, started by Tom Gally. This consists of extended information and examples of usage of a growing number of words and phrases. (jeKai entries can be reached from the matching WWWJDIC entries.) JE
  • The Honyaku page has some useful glossaries, including:
    Alert! The Honyaku site is being rebuilt, and not all the links above are currently working.

  • the Zakkaya site has a large collection of subject-specific glossaries, covering many areas of business and technology.
  • Norio Ota's list of Idiomatic Expressions is very useful.


  • Accounting/Finance/Politics/Business/etc. (From Mizuho Translators' Tools.) An excellent set of glossaries. JE EJ
  • Acronyms. A useful set of expansions of (mostly English) acronyms, with their Japanese translations. EJ
  • Animals. Large list of animal names (in katakana), linking to description, photograph, etc. JJ
  • Architecture, arts, etc. Superb collection of about 8,000 entries related to traditional Japanese architecture and gardens, painting, sculpture and art-historical iconography from approximately the 1st century A.D. to the end of the Edo period. Indexed on the romaji forms and searchable with romaji and kanji keys. JE
  • Automotive. A good wordlist, but limited to Japanese explanations of terms. JJ
  • Automotive. A slightly shorter list from Isuzu. A short English gloss and a longer Japanese explanation. JJ JE
  • Automotive. Similar to the Isuzu site. JJ JE
  • Automotive. Another similar site. Good coverage, but not easy to read. Has a crude index on the first letter of the English description. JJ JE
  • Automotive. Good set of word-lists. JE
  • Biology. A large glossary, with extended explanations (in Japanese). Has readings for most terms. JJ
  • Bureacracy. A short list of buzz-words from Kasumigaseki, with Japanese explanations. JJ
  • Business/Finance. This comprehensive list from Nomura Securities has lists of English and Japanese (kanji and katakana) headwords, and links to a brief gloss and a full Japanese explanation. JJ JE EJ
  • Business/Finance. And another, from Nomura Trust. A bit shorter than the one above and mostly only in Japanese. JJ
  • Contemporary life/Slang. Tada Taku's glossary of useful words, particularly in popular culture. Romaji only. JE
  • Computing/Communications. A short list in kana order from NTT. JJ
  • Computing. A good set of short explanations in Japanese of computing terms, linked from Japanese and English head-words. JJ JE EJ
  • Computing. Another good short set of about 1500 words. It clicks through to longer Japanese explanations of each term. JJ JE EJ
  • Computing/IT. A big wordlist with an extensive explanation of each term (in Japanese). A short translation in English. JJ JE <!-- #h JE -->
  • Design and Manufacturing. The documentation group at NEC has kindly provided this glossary (an EJ indexed version is forshadowed.) JE
  • Drugs/Pharamaceuticals. Great resource for translating prescription and brand-name drugs. EJ JE
  • Electronics An 1150-term list with links to expanded Japanese explanations. (Searchable version) JJ JE
  • Electronics A (30,000 entry) word list covering electronics and related areas. EJ
  • Electronics A large list from JEITA/JEIDA, also with links to expanded Japanese explanations. JJ JE
  • Electronics/Control. A very extensive collection (about 18,000 entries) JJ JE
  • Engineering. NEC's engineering design and manufacturing glossary. Large number of words/phrases. JE EJ
  • Environment. A reasonable set of words relating to environmental issues, with an explanation of each (in Japanese). JE EJ
  • Etymology. A small collection of indexed articles on word origins. JJ
  • Financial and Securities Markets. An excellent glossary, compiled by Katsuhiko Yamada at the Aichi Gakuin University. EJ
  • Finance, Securities and Options Not large, but has some unusual terms. JJ EJ
  • Food/Sushi. Short list of food and sushi terms. Romaji. JE
  • GameJiten. Has information about computer games including characters, weapons, etc. etc JJ
  • Geography/History/Politics/etc. Almost a small encyclopedia, with small articles and links on many topics. JE
  • Idiomatic expressions/Sayings Interesting collections of idiomatic expressions, aphorisms, etc. in Japanese, English and Russian. Indices in all 3 languages. JER
  • Kotowaza. Not a word list, but a selection of Japanese proverbs.
  • Latin Tags. Great list of Latin tags. Now you can say "Cogito, ergo sum" in Japanese. LEJ
  • (American) Law. Online version of Junsuke Otsuka's "American Law Dictionary". EJ
  • Medical Acronyms. A longish list of English medical acronyms, with the English expansions and Japanese equivalents. EJ
  • Medical. A long medical word-list. JE
  • Metal Surfaces. Lists of terms dealing with surface treatment and rust prevention in metals. JE JJ
  • Military. The RNN News collection of military terms. JE EJ
  • Military. A set of glossaries (linked from the panel on the left labelled "Public Domain".) JE EJ
  • Mountaineering Lexicon. Hirotsugu Muranishi's interesting English-Japanese Mountaineering Lexicon. JE EJ
  • Music. This is a music term glossary, indexed on the term in Italian, German, English, etc. with explanations in Japanese. EJ
  • Music. Another large music term glossary, indexed on the term in Italian, German, English, etc. EJ
  • Music. A strangely-formatted glossary. Mostly transcriptions of terms or short explanations in Japanese. JE
  • Networking. Basic networking word list. JJ
  • Names of People. An indexed list of about 35,000 full names of Japanese people, culled from newspapers. Most have their profession, etc. added. Has some Chinese and Korean names as well. JJ
  • Ninja. A short (2 page) list of Ninja terminology. JJ
  • Ocean & Marine Life. A comprehensive set of glossaries, covering French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as English. JE EJ
  • Onomatopoeia(1). A short list of giongo (Japanese onomatopoeic words). JE
  • Onomatopoeia(2). A rather longer set of onomatopoeic words. JE EJ
  • Opto-electronics. A large and high-quality source. It has the reading of each word and an English gloss, and links to a detailed explanation in Japanese. JJ JE
  • Patents. The quaintly named Horsefrog patent translation school has a searchable glossary with many example sentences. JE
  • Patent Related Glossaries. Patro Information KK has excellent JE and EJ patent terminology glossaries with about 10,000 terms each. JE EJ
  • Pharmaceutical. This "Dictionary of Medicines" is really about providing information about the pharmacopoeia. JJ
  • Pharmacology. Another useful big English-Japanese glossary. (The front page says it it is copyright by the Japanese Pharmacological Society, but its contents look remarkably similar to an early version of the Life Sciences Dictionary (above)). EJ
  • Photography. Phil Ono's excellent list of photography words in English and Japanese. EJ
  • Postal codes. Another way of finding a Japanese postal code, provided you can read Japanese placenames. JJ
  • Printing. A short glossary of printing terms. Romaji only. JE
  • Real Estate. A list of real estate/realtor terms. JJ <!-- #h EJ -->
  • Religion (Mormon) A list of religious terms applicable to the Latter Day Saints. JE
  • Sex. An eclectic collection of sexual terminology, including many of the current slang terms. JJ
  • Telecomms/Computing. A comprehensive list. The heading says it covers telecomms, but much of the content is general computing. EJ
  • Telecomms Another good file. Mainly Japanese explanations, but most entries have a short English gloss. JJ JE
  • Theatre. Good list of Japanese theatre terms. Some kanji but mostly romaji. JE
  • Shinto. Transcription of the Basic Terms of Shinto, first published in 1957. Romaji index and short articles about each term. JE
  • Yomikata. An excellent compendium of the readings of Japanese words, including placenames, and all those long compound words encountered in medical and technical fields. Categorized by topic. JJ

Link Collections

These pages consist of links to servers and glossary lists, some of which are already listed above.


These are pages which are waiting to be properly classified. You are welcome to explore them. (Feedback on these is welcome.)

Jim Breen
Japanese page)
August 2008

Open Directory

  • Analytica Japan: Glossary of Japanese Terms - Lexicon with 1,750 Japanese financial expressions and acronyms.
  • Basic Terms of Shinto - Kokugakuin University’s hyperlinked version of a 1958 illustrated Japanese-English dictionary.
  • Bidirectional English-Japanese Dictionary - Pacific Software Publishing’s EDICT server with kana or kanji Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (SJIS)
  • CJKV-English Dictionary - Charles Muller’s database of CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) characters and compounds related to East Asian cultural, political, and intellectual history. (UTF- 8)
  • The Counting Dictionary - Guide to Japanese counters or measure words, indexed by kanji, word, and semantic categories. (GIF)
  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism - Charles Muller's dictionary of terms and names found in Buddhist canonical sources, updated on user contributions. (UTF- 8)
  • English Japanese Online Dictionary - A free beginner's romanized English-Japanese dictionary with over 10,000 words.
  • FOKS (Forgiving Online Kanji Search) - Slaven Bilac’s EDICT server with intelligent search that allows dictionary lookup even with misspellings or incorrect kanji readings. (EUC)
  • Glossary of Japanese Theatre Terms - Beta version of theatrical glossary. (UTF- 8)
  • Glossary of Sushi-Related terms - Japanese-English wordlist of food and cooking vocabulary.
  • Heartful English-Japanese Dictionary - Toyohashi University of Technology’s EDICT server with English to Japanese only. (EUC)
  • JAANUS (Japanese Architecture and Art Net Users System) - Glossary compiled by Mary Neighbour Parent, with alphabetical index and keyword search. (SJIS)
  • Japanese Dictionary - EDICT and KANJIDIC server from Online-dictionary.biz with JavaScript romanized-kana Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (UTF- 8)
  • A Japanese Dictionary for the Japanese Text Initiative - University of Virginia's portal for Jim Breen's Japanese-English Dictionary. (EUC)
  • Japanese Kanji Dictionary - EDICT and KANJIDIC server with English or Japanese search and audio files. (UTF- 8)
  • Japanese Online Dictionary - Richard Moore's versatile EDICT and KANJIDIC server with Web, mobile, and email access; allows searching using partial or complete English, romaji, kana, or kanji, and provides definitions with kanji, furigana, kana, romaji, and grammatical information. (UTF-8 or rasterized)
  • JEDI (Japanese-English Dictionary Interface) - Kyoto Notre Dame University’s EDICT server with kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (EUC)
  • Jeffrey's Japanese⇔English Dictionary Server - Jeffrey Friedl and William Maton's customizable EDICT and KANJIDIC server with kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese, allowing fuzzy searching by word patterns. (JIS, SJIS, EUC, GIF)
  • jeKai Japanese-English dictionary - Tom Gally’s ongoing project to build a free, open Japanese-English dictionary with translation equivalents, illustrations, and examples. (SJIS)
  • Jim Breen's WWWJDIC - Monash University's interface for all EDICT Project dictionary files. Kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese, text or URL word glossing, kanji stroke order diagrams, example sentences, plus handwritten and cell phone interfaces. (SJIS, EUC, UTF- 8)
  • JiWORDS (Japanese info on WORDS) - The National Institute for Japanese Language’s server using Sanseido Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionaries. (GIF)
  • Jonsay's English-Japanese Dictionary - Hyperlinked wordlists arranged into semantic categories. (UTF- 8)
  • Kanji Dictionaries for Learning Japanese - The Kanji Dictionary Publishing Society’s site for NTC/Kenkyusha’s New Japanese-English Character Dictionary and The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary. (GIF)
  • Kanji Networks - Lawrence J. Howell's and Hikaru Morimoto's kanji dictionary, with hypothetical phonosemantic "etymologies," is searchable by character, radical, stroke count, or pronunciation. (UTF- 8)
  • KanjiSearch - EDICT server with Japanese or English word search. (SJIS)
  • Kiki's Kanji Dictionary - Stephen Ryner’s KANJIDIC server with radical-indexed kanji Japanese to English, and clickable kanji hyperlinks. (SJIS)
  • LSD (Life Science Dictionary) Project - Online dictionary including over 39,000 English terms extracted from the MEDLINE database with definitions, Japanese translations, example sentences, and concordances. Also provides an EDICT server for English to Japanese glosses of Web pages or text, and an English spell-checker. (SJIS)
  • Mahou - Anime fansubs, English-Japanese dictionary, and a kanji database.
  • Nihongo Resources Dictionaries - EDICT and KANJIDIC server with auto-detection of English and kana, kanji, or romanized Japanese input. Allows wildcard searches. (EUC)
  • Nihongodict English-Japanese Dictionary - EDICT interface with romaji-English and English-Japanese allows fuzzy searching and search suggestions. (UTF- 8)
  • Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary - JavaScript EDICT server from Freedict.com with romanized Japanese to English and English to romanized Japanese. (GIF)
  • Online English-Japanese Dictionaries - Free Light Software’s glossaries of geography and travel, history and traditions, manga and video games, and politics and media. (GIF)
  • Online Japanese Dictionary - Tangorin's interface to EDICT and ENAMDICT dictionaries, allows searching by Japanese, English, kanji, or radicals. (UTF- 8)
  • Online Japanese Dictonary - Limited database with Japanese-English and English-Japanese lookup, using online hiragana, katakana, kanji, or romaji keyboard. (UTF- 8)
  • Onomatopoetic English-Japanese Dictionary - Glossary with English and Japanese indexes. (GIF)
  • Patent Glossary - Searchable Japanese-English glossary of terminology used by the Japan Patent Office, some sample sentences. (UTF- 8)
  • Rikai - Todd David Rudick’s EDICT server with JavaScript mouseover dictionary tools in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Read text or Web pages with pop-up readings and translations. (EUC)
  • Spencer's Japanese-English Dictionary - EDICT and KANJIDIC server with kana, radical-indexed kanji, or romanized Japanese to English and English to Japanese. (SJIS)
  • Tokyoahead Kanji Dictionary - KANJIDIC server with radical-indexed kanji Japanese to English. (UTF-8, registration required.)
  • Translation Tools from Mizuho Securities - Glossaries covering accounting, banking, economics, finance, taxation, politics, institutions, etc. (UTF- 8)
  • Your Name in Japanese - Converts foreign names into Japanese kana, with seven different graphic styles, using Philip A. Ronan’s dictionary file with 3,700 names. (PNG)


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